Hotel Ever After: Ellas Wish Collectors Edition

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Hotel Ever After: Ellas Wish

Remember all the important places in your life? Your favorite park, the tree you sat under as a child, reading your favorite book, the place you escaped to when your heart was first broken? What would you do if those places were about to be destroyed? That is what Ella faces. The worst part…? Her own stepmother is the one threatening to destroy it! Ella needs your help to save all that is dear to her.

In this story game, you’ll do more than just assist guests with their check-in. In the hotel, the people who work here are not merely employees, they’re family. Some have watched Ella grow up! You’ll need to take care of them and ensure their jobs are safe. Also, you’ll need to help with every aspect of hotel life – cleaning rooms, helping out in the bar, keeping up with all the paperwork.
As if that weren’t enough, Ella also has to turn it into a 2-star hotel! If not, her stepmother will sell it to a magnate who will tear it down. Ella relies on social media, hoping to bring in influencers who will promote the hotel.
Are Ella’s social media skills going to be enough to bring in more guests? Ella knows that having a few girls who are strong influencers will greatly help her cause. Will she earn the 2 stars in time or is the hotel doomed? Put your people and time management skills to the test to assist Ella in saving her family’s dream!
Game Features:

  • Play as Ella and help the guests in the lobby
  • Serve the customers at the bar and in the diner
  • Help the hotel staff renovate the rooms
  • Explore 60 engrossing time management story levels
  • Unlock delicious stories and fantastic fairy tales
  • Dash through the dishes and keep the hotel clean
  • Help a modern-day Cinderella get ready for the ball!

Game System Requirements:
• OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
• CPU: 1.0 GHz
• RAM: 1024 MB
• DirectX: 9.0
• Hard Drive: 245 Mb


Hotel Ever After: Ellas Wish Collectors Edition – вторая часть увлекательной тайм менеджмент стратегии от студии 8floor.
Мэри и Джон, воплотившие в жизнь свою мечту и открывшие свой ресторан, решают принять участие в конкурсе рестораторов среди новичков. Но их соперники оказались слишком сильны. Наши герои, решив взять реванш, отправляются в новое путешествие, в поисках тайных кулинарных секретов. Что же их ждёт впереди?
В игре вас ждут яркие локации, уровни разной сложности, множество персонажей и блюд, дополнительные задания, возможность улучшать и развивать рестораны, разнообразные трофеи, интуитивный игровой процесс для всех возрастов, красивая музыка, а также захватывающий сюжет.
Кулинарное Путешествие: Снова в путь — раскрой сокровенные тайны кулинарии и превзойди своих соперников.

Version: FINAL;
Developer: Glowforth;
Language: Multi 16;
Size: 139,8 Mb

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  • Sandy

    hello can i have the link please at lycan0[email protected] . Thank u so much

    • Lgames

      Check your email

  • sadina

    hello, how to change the language in the game Delicious – Emilys Road Trip Collectors Edition secretly I want the game was Polish for steam I write the game I support the Polish language, please easy instructions to change the language in advance, thank you ps lvl 2 black screen windows 10

  • Lgames

    Updated to CE.

  • Simona

    Sorry someone knows how to restore the game to be able to start it again? With the other gamehouse games it was enough to delete the profile and create another one. On this you cannot delete the profile

  • caca rama

    A member on another site found a solution for the black screen:
    Make a new profile then dont enter the store until the game takes you there itself.

  • Silene

    I have same problem as virgi, game not working from lvl 2, I get black screen and just music is still on…

    • Silene

      Not sure why exactly but it work now.
      I deleted game and every temp file on C:/ i could find… still my account was still in game. I made new profile (btw, I typed same name and game accept it) and start over, so far so good.
      (but creators messed up language pack, fonts when you do combos use words where are “special letters” in my landuage and font don’t support them… I know it’s nothing to do here but just saying)

  • virgi

    Please could you send me a link My email is [email protected],Thank you so much

  • Alex

    Please could you send me a link My email is [email protected], Thank you so much

  • virgi

    Hello, I have a problem with the game, when I’m going to play the second level, the screen remains black, and I have to restart, because this happens?
    thanks greetings

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