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The Love Boat 2: Second Chances

The Love Boat: Second Chances CE (Updated)

Author: Lgames / Posted: 11 Mar 2019 / Comments: 36 / Dash / Time Management.

The Love Boat: Second Chances, a brand-new time management adventure filled with romance, fun and, well… quite a bit of chaos. It’s up to you to juggle the duties of a cruise director and tend to the passengers. But be sure to find time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of sunny Acapulco as well as the luxuries on board the ship as you sail from Los Angeles to Mexico on the cruise of a lifetime. Oh, and don’t forget the souvenirs!

The Love Boat Platinum Edition

The Love Boat Platinum Edition (Updated)

Author: Lgames / Posted: 4 Dec 2017 / Comments: 21 / Dash / Time Management.

The Love Boat Platinum Edition is your ticket to a good time. Relive the hit TV show, now as a time management game! Join Captain Stubing and his crew on a spectacular cruise of the Pacific, guest-starring your favorite GameHouse Original Story characters. Adventures filled with humor and romance, both new and nostalgic await. All aboard for The Love Boat Platinum Edition!