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Dear Friends.

Here is the Page for your game requests. You can request any game which you like. Place your game requests in comment area So i can upload that game as soon as it possible. But before, try to search it on


  • Anonymous

    hello, please could you upload the game ”Happy Clinic”? Thank you in advance

  • Marie Runaway

    Is it possible for you to upload the game: Around the world mosaic 2 ? Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Lively can you repost Grimoire Chronicles RPG and add Black Home 2 RPG? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Maze: Sinister Play— any chance of posting this game thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

    Can you please repost Grimoire Chronicles RPG and add Black Home 2 RPG? Please respond. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Lively can you repost Grimoire Chronicles RPG? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Maze: Sinister Play— please

  • Anonymous

    Can you repost Edolie Strategy Guide? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    fantasy mosaics 40

  • Mickey Hopley

    Lively, can you please post Heart’s Medicini, Doctor’s Oath

  • Person

    Lively can you repost Edolie Strategy Guide? Thanks.

  • Person

    Lively can you repost Shining Plume 2 RPG? Please reply to me. Thanks.



  • Person

    Lively can you please repost Aveyond 4 the links are all dead. Thanks.

  • Person

    Lively can you please repost Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy as a separate game because I want to play that particular game and I don’t want to wait 3 hours until I can play it. Thanks.

  • Person

    Can you please repost Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy RPG? Please reply to me. Thanks.

  • lana

    Arevan The bitter truth.thank you

  • Lara

    I’m looking for Viking Saga 3 Epic Adventure. Couldn’t find it on Thank you so much for all the lovely games!

  • John

    Please post Fortress of Hell, Inferno and Little Hearts, all from Aldorlea, please!

  • Catja Guijs

    Hi, can you please post Golden rails: tales of the Wild West? Thanks!

  • SK

    Please post Aldorlea – Fortress Of Hell. Thank You

  • James.R

    THE BOOK OF SHADOWS from aldorlea page Thank You.

  • shessosshy

    Your Doodles Are Bugged , Thank You

  • Alice Mahoy

    Can you please post Magic Farm 3 – The Ice Danger. Thank you.

  • Pat Daniels

    Can you please update download links to all Rescue Team Links. Hopefully FileFactory

  • mary shelley

    Can you please upload the last version (1.7.0) of true fear forsaken soul part 2. Thanks

  • joanofark06

    I would like to play the Hidden Object game called “Curse”….that’s it. Just the word “Curse”. It came out in 2018. Thanks in advance, if you could get it.

  • Paul Watkins

    Could you please re-upload the link to Dark Romance Files, Thanks

  • Blondie

    Hotel ever after Ella’s wish please?

  • Anon

    Please reupload The King’s Heroes,all links is dead. please,i want to play the game so badly

  • Amber Green

    Hello, Can you please upload these games Inca Ball, Memory Loops.


  • espy

    Hello, could you please re-upload Jewel Quest III? Thanks!

  • Universe

    Can you please update Subterra RPG and upload Freedom Cry RPG? Thanks!

  • Dragon

    Can you please update Subterra RPG and upload Freedom Cry RPG? Thanks!

  • anon

    Little Hearts from Aldorlea Games would be awesome.

  • Sam Fitzgerald

    I was wondering would it be possible for you to upload the game – Garden Flipper to your site. Please & Thank you

  • AldorleaFan

    Please I would like the following games:
    Witch Hunt
    Shadows and Lies
    Little Hearts
    Fortress of Hell
    The King’s Heroes

    All by Aldorlea Games

  • Wolf

    Blood Ties RPG repost please there is no other site to download this game

  • Wolf

    Last Heroes 4 in 1 repost please

  • Benjamin Grim Alcantara

    can you download witch hunt by adrolea games? thank you!

  • Meg

    Hi, can you please help with a link to download Jessica’s Bow Wow Bistro? Thank you in advanced.

  • Jaden Childs

    Can u upload Word Spiral and Heroes of Hellas 4

  • Amber

    Can you please re-upload Secret Investigations HOG. Thanks

  • Amber

    Can you please re-upload Secret Investigations – Nemesis HOG. Thanks

  • superrich39

    can i please have the download links for The Love Boat – Second Chances thank you

  • superrich39

    can i please have the download links for The Love Boat – Second Chances thank you

  • Alilou06

    Fortress Of Hell From Aldorlea please if someone can share a link or if lively can bring us this game it will be wonderful

  • cbvcb cbvcb

    Little Hearts by Aldorlea please

  • bnrt

    Dark Romance 10 Hunchback of Notre Dame , please….It’s releasing today.

  • Heaven

    Sons of Triskelion newest version

  • riska

    Laxius Force – Heroes Never Die, Laxius Force II – The Queen of Adretana, and Laxius Force III – The Last Stand please:(( I’ve searched it everywhere and found nothing. could you please upload them? thanks.

    • Alilou06

      On the old site man

  • lucy

    Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom

  • Person

    Sons of Triskelion latest version please

  • tibkat

    Agatha christie evil under the sun please

  • Vera

    Little Hearts by Aldorlea please!

  • TuttiFrutti

    Sandmade please

  • Jack

    Hidden Paws Christmas Update (4 Extra Islands) please

  • Leticia Reyes

    can i please have download links for Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Collectors Edition thank you [email protected]

  • Rodel

    little hearts by aldorlea

  • victoria

    I want to merry Christmas deck the halls

  • superrich39

    can i please have download links for Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Collectors Edition thank you

  • Unknown

    Can you please reupload dark souls 1 and 2 in exe format because rar format says that it has a virus when it finishes downloading Thank you.

  • Dahan

    Aldorlea witch hunt and little hearts please

  • superrich39

    can i please have the download links for Dr. Cares: Family Practice Collectors Edition thank you

  • Adam

    Fortress of hell vi aldorlea

  • beth2shy

    Jewel Match Solitaire 2 Collector’s Edition, I searched and couldn’t find this.

  • mr.ben

    Is it possible to have the latest version of “The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire” here? It would make my day! Thank you!

  • GuyInDogSuit

    Shadows and Lies by Gemelle Games and published by Aldorlea? Please?

  • Paka

    Dear Lively could you please upload Transcendence, including Corporate Command and Eternity Port Expansion. Thanks

  • Mia

    Can you upload Roads of Rome please. Thanks.

  • Becky

    I would like Chronicles of Mystery 1 The Scorpio Ritual. You have the thread for the bundle just all the links are dead. In English pls. Thanks

  • Cynthia

    Little Hearts. Thanks

  • beth2shy

    I searched and couldn’t find it so I’ll request it: Snoopy Snails 2, thanks!

  • bnrt

    Witches’ Legacy: Secret Enemy CE, please!

  • Telly

    Viki Spotter – Zoo

  • bnrt

    C’mon with Vermillion Watch 5: London Howling…..please!

  • beth2shy

    Summer Adventure 2, I searched and only found the 1st one, I do enjoy this type of HOG and Match 3

  • beth2shy

    Fairytale Mosaics – Cinderella, thanks!

  • Xavier

    Hello could you please repost Leah Tale and Blood Ties RPG? Thanks.

  • scarlet14

    Hi, could you please upload Good Pizza, Great Pizza (pc version steam)? Thanks ^^

  • espX

    Can you upload Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box and Vampire Saga: Welcome To Hell Lock? In the links are dead. Thanks.

  • Peggy

    Would you please upload youda farmer? Thank you.

  • beth2shy

    Beauty and the Beast: Hidden Object Fairy Tale. This game looks like fun!

  • Ati

    Please, can you upload Brazilian Adventure? Thank you.

  • Zachary

    Dear Lively could you please upload Dark Souls 1 and 2 from Warfare Studios? Thank you

    • Lgames

      i will try to find these games

  • Zachary

    Dear Lively could you please repost Vagrant Hearts 2? Thank you

  • Black

    Dark souls 1 and 2 rpg from warfare studios

  • beth2shy

    Alice’s Adventures. Hidden Object

  • beth2shy

    Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Cities

  • ans

    Elven Legend 6: The Treacherous Trick full game please

  • Goguma

    Dear L, could you please provide Aldorlea’s “Witch Hunt” and its guide? Thank you~

  • beth2shy

    Scapes Super Pack, please, thanks!

  • rubiroza

    Northern Tale super pack. PLEASE!!!!

  • beth2shy

    Mahjong Masters – The Amazing Architect, thanks!

  • beth2shy

    Can you get this game? Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns,

  • Juliana Nunes

    Farm Frenzy Heave Ho , thanks!

  • beth2shy

    Can you get this game? Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns,

  • superrich39

    can i please have the download link for the Sallys Salon: Kiss and Make-Up Collectors Edition (Updated) please thank you my mum loves these types of games

  • superrich39

    please can i have the download links for Sallys Salon: Kiss and Make-Up Collectors Edition
    thank you

  • beth2shy

    Four Seasons Around the World-Summer in Italy, please

  • starrwolff

    Please upload Riddle of the Sphinx. Thank you Lively.

  • tak

    Please upload PUSH by Hamster On Coke Games, thank you.

  • espX

    Can you upload Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box and Vampire Saga: Welcome To Hell Lock? In the links are dead. Thanks.

  • Ati

    Please, can you upload Candace Kane’s Candy Factory, Time Management game ? Thank you.

  • openmind

    Please, Battle Ranch : Pigs vs Plants
    Thank you

  • tak

    The Eyes of Ara: Patch 1.3.00 – The World Traveler’s Update
    Plesae,and big thanks if you can.

  • beth2shy

    Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns, please and thank you!

  • Cyn A Stewart

    Hiya is there any chance of the full version Youda survivor2..Many thanks if you can

  • beth2shy

    Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart

  • espX

    Can you upload Jewel Quest Solitaire III? The only version i found was in russian in and the links were dead. Thanks.

  • beth2shy

    Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear

  • beth2shy

    Fiona’s Dream of Atlantis

  • alexamdra

    can you please give me the link to Fabulous – Angela’s Wedding Disaster Platinum Edition

    • Lgames

      please write to my mail (via contact form)

  • Eunice

    Hi LG, can you please re-upload “Cognition – Game of the Year”. The links are dead. Thank you!

  • Ati

    Please, can you upload Summer Supersports , Hidden Object game ? Thank you.

  • Sandra Borges

    Hi LG 🙂 Can you please re-upload “Foodie Fun Bundle – 5 in 1”? Here on the site and also on livelygames the links are dead, and I can’t find it on the vip list. Thank you

  • espX

    Can you re-upload Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince CE? I know it is already on but that version is glitched and one of the HOS is broken. Thanks.

  • Penny

    Can you please upload a download link for Green City: Go South, download link on is broken. Thank you!!

  • Peggy

    i wanna request game Please
    Build a lot super pack

    • Lgames

      I can not find it anywhere.

  • Jaden Childs

    Aqua Pearls, Neopets Codestone Quest, Myth Match and Sweetopia please. Thanks!!!???

    • Lgames

      all done, But some very old games may not running on W10. You need to install VirtualBox.

  • Meg

    Can you please upload a download link for Parisian Flowers. I’ve searched on but the download link is broken. Thank you!!

  • Ati

    Please, can you upload Pretty In Pink, Hidden Object game? Thank you.

  • alexamdra

    i wanna request this game please
    Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collectors

  • 1176619

    i wanna request game Please

    Off the Record – Linden Shades Collector’s Edition

  • Jvaughn

    Lively can you please upload Cursed Lands vs winter wolves? Thank you very much!

    • Lgames

      no sorry. Write me when it appears on the steam.

      • ypic

        lively it’s on steam now, will you upload it?

        • Lgames

          It says autumn 2018..

  • espX

    Can you upload Jewel Quest III? Thanks!

  • Juliana Nunes

    good evening, I would like the game from Intersol : Paperland. thank’s 🙂

    • Lgames

      this game didn’t come out officially yet

  • Dashleen Kaur

    Do you have Silent Nights: Children’s Orchestra CE?

  • 1176619

    i wanna request game Please

    Myths of the World – Chinese Healer Collector’s Edition

  • Hubb

    May I ask for “Pepper’s Puzzles”? A picross/nonogram game that your visitors should like. Thanks!

  • Jaden Childs

    Can you upload Poker Pop, Solitaire Pop, Oasis by Playfirst and Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles? Oh and thanks for Wobbly Bobbly and Memory Loops. You’re the best!

  • Thanks

    Great site! Here’s my request: make a category/genre/tags on your site. Easier to navigate this way. I don’t care for action, but I love puzzles. 🙂 Anyway, good job!

    • Lgames

      in the right sidebar

  • Nada Hodzic

    Lively,could you please upload Hidden Wonder of the Depths4?thank you

    • Lgames

      The fourth version does not exist. There are only 3

  • niki

    could you please upload Shadows and Lies from aldorlea games?thanks

  • 1176619

    Final Cut 5 – Fame Fatale Collector’s Edition in Link or in Link Please

  • russ

    Hi, Nuclear Ball 2 please, thank you

  • Jaden Childs

    Can you upload Wobbly Bobbly and Memory Loops, please? These are also old but I can’t find the full version for free anywhere else

  • Ati

    Please, can you reupload Clueless, dress up girl game? I know this old game, but i really want to play this game. Thank you.

    • Lgames


    • Lgames


    • Lgames


      • Ati

        Thank you very much, Lgames !

  • Wolf

    Can you please upload the game violet princess and frogs from the fire lake

  • eri

    hello 🙂
    is it possible for you to add otome VN “Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~”?

    thank you~

  • Gagan


    Can u plz upload the game – A Series of Unfortunate Events… This is similar to Inspector Parker. I found one which is called Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Event but its different.


  • aro73

    Can you please upload game Agile Lines
    The game can not be purchased anymore, the link to buy game does not work
    Maybe there is a way for the game to be in the full version?

    • Lgames

      i will try.

    • Lgames

      sorry, but i can’t crack this game

      • aro73

        Well, thanks anyway for trying.



  • beth2shy

    Sorry, I should have searched 1st, since it was new on the other palace, I figured it was new, my bad!Thanks!

  • beth2shy

    LIvely, can you get this game:Hiddenverse – The Iron Tower, I’ve seen it on Gamehouse, thanks!

  • john

    can you please upload the game “Witch hunt” made by “Aldorlea games”?

    • Lgames

      PRICE: $19.99 – GUIDE: $6.99
      Sorry, but i need more donations to buy this game..

  • dskjsdkjrfkjrfj

    I Know a Tale in Link Please

  • 1176619

    Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector’s Edition in Link Please

  • beth2shy

    Can you post a direct link for Spellarium 2 all the links are dead, I found a slow link for Spellarium 1. Thanks!

    • Lgames


  • ez

    helo can you upload “viki spotter megapolis”///?

    • Lgames

      In work. Done.

  • superrich39

    can you please give me the download links for parker & lane criminal justice my email is [email protected]

  • Sofia Daskalaki

    can you please give me the download link for parker & lane criminal justice

  • superrich39

    can you please give me the download link for parker & lane criminal justice

  • Marie

    Jewel Match Royal 2 – could u please reupload this game ’cause all the links are down,,, Thank you!

    • Lgames


      • Marie

        Thank yo uso much. You’re the best!

  • superrich39

    please can u get Parker & Lane: Criminal Justice thank you

  • mmary

    can u get homescapes game

  • heaven12bluesky

    Please, upload Clueless and Preety In Pink. Thank you.

  • Eddie

    Can you please upload the updated game Sir Match-a-Lot December…8-12-2017

    • Lgames


  • desy l

    Can you please upload witch hunt? Thank you…

  • Sharon Marques

    Can you pleae upload the rest of the Delicious Emily Games? True Love, Wonder Weeding, The first ones, Tea Garden, Etc. Plz 🙁

    • desy l

      I can send you the game if you want 🙂

  • Jaden

    Can you please upload Circulate, Luxor Amun Rising HD and Luxor 2 HD?
    These are under the Match 3 category.

  • Jaden

    Please upload Circulate and Luxor Amun Rising HD Please

  • Mal’Ganis

    Lgames pls re upload mystery p.i. games and grim facade the red cat collectors edition(not beta).. thank you..

  • Player

    Can you please upload aveyond the darkthrop prophecy?

  • Aikucis

    Dark elf its a rpg please

  • Gamer
  • omar

    vanilla and chocolate full version please i really want to play this game

  • Player

    Can you please upload skyborn newest version?

    • Lgames

      first i must buy this game on steam.. It costs 9.99$. I do not have free money now.

  • Gamer

    can you please upload season match 3 curse of the witchcrow HD edition please?

    • Lgames

      I found only standart edition (not HD).
      HD edition was out only for ios

      will it be ok for you?


  • Patty

    Hi! Can You please upload the game Paradise Pet Salon? Pleeaaaaaaseeee

  • kkk

    little hearts and laxius force by aldorlea

  • omar

    please, can you upload the whole series of DARK TALES: EDGAR ALLAN POE’S in collector’s edition? thank you.

  • Shar Pei

    Could you possible upload Steamworld Dig? Thanks Much!

  • RockAngel

    Please , can you upload Witch Hunt !!!

    • Lgames

      No. $19.99 too much for me… If someone donate me i will buy this game (and others from aldorlea also).

  • Harry Potter

    can you upload these game, please!
    Tiny Tales – Heart of the Forest:
    Grim Legends – The Forsaken Bride Collector’s Edition(the link in is broken):

  • julia

    Farm frenzy inc, farm frenzy hurricane season

  • amanda

    hi! please upload witch hunt from aldorea! thanks you:)

  • ?+? = ME

    Could you please upload Grim Tales 1-7, please? Thank you

  • Elizabeth Leong

    Royal Express pls upload

  • Marie Runaway

    I wiould like to have this game! Thank you in advance!

    Rory’s Restaurant Origins

  • mary

    hiii , could you please please please upload hearts medicine: time to heal? the one you posted as just a link on game house . please upload it again

    • Lgames

      Check your email;)

      • mary

        thank you so much, but the links you sent me is for third one , the hospital hear 🙁 i need links for the second heart medicine game : time to heal 🙁 please send me the links for it , please please 🙁

  • Tasie

    Hello! Could you please upload Grim Tales 2: The Legacy and Grim Tales 3: The Wishes, please? The only links that work on are FileFactory, but my computer detects a virus and removes the files. I do not wish to take the risk and use those files. Thank you!

  • Karthika Elamaran

    need link for delicious emily home sweet home

  • Marolits

    Hi, first of all thank you for the wonderful uploads, is it possible to upload shape shifter and parisian flowers? Thank you!

  • Kolony Sarf

    I am requesting Re:Birthday Song

  • RockAngel

    I am requesting Witch Hunt !!!
    Please , please , please !!!

  • EffieYana Rosehearts

    Hi, I would like to request Stand O’Food from 1 to 3 please. All those game in other sites are all removed and deleted. Thank you.

  • CL

    Hi, I would like to request First Class Flurry? And I have also downloaded Echoes of Aetheria but there was an error that mentioned about Steam and I was wondering if you could upload a fixed version? Thank you and have a good weekend. 🙂

  • Shireley Dillon

    Requesting Turbo Bugs 2 for PC. Thank you.

  • Serenity08

    I would like to request Black River RPG from Aldorlea games. Please and Thank you 😀

  • EffieYana Rosehearts

    Can I request rpg games please?
    It is The Deal an rpg maker mv games from Aldorlea. Thank you

  • Shar Pei

    Would like to request Fables of the Kingdom 1 please. Thank You

  • Melina Lee

    I would like to request the game Einlanzer. Just came out on steam

  • Annette Anthony

    Could you please see if you can find Moraff ‘s Maximum Mahjongg

  • Lelah Barnes

    I use to play Word Jong all the time, but have not been online for awhile… that I am online, I can’t seem to get WordJong . Would you please see why the game won’t come up????

  • RockAngel

    Deadly Sin 1 and 2 , please .

  • sonya

    dear Lively could you please upload Campgrounds2?thank you

  • mary

    blast thru game

  • Gabe

    Hi Lgames!!!!!!!! Is there a way you can do Soap Opera Dash by PlayFirst? I REALLY MISS THAT GAME! THANKS! 😀

  • Elizabeth Leong

    Hi LG, do u have “Cruel Collections: The Any Wish Hotel”? I tried other sites and it just displayed “loading” tried w compatiable even set to vista, etc, and off AV still not working. Pls upload if u come across this game

  • Moonflower

    Since I don’t see any requirements when requesting, I’m going to pray and ask if there’s a way you can upload Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice? Thank you <3

  • Blue

    Would it be possible to upload Ink Travellers newest version

  • Molly

    Can I request a game? It’s name is Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons.

  • Elizabeth Leong

    sorry i meant a tab for game upload u can vet/scan it first b4 u include into site, it will enable contributors to upload their game, must also be 100% working

    • Lgames

      Check the title. I added Shared uploader.

  • Elizabeth Leong

    maybe u start a folder for game contribution in zip format? so that i can upload what u need

  • Elizabeth Leong

    LG can u pls post how to contribute to games? its 100% freebie w/o advertisement ?

  • Forestboy

    Please upload old game Big Pinata from BFG
    I try download trial from BFG but game not working.

    • Lgames

      I found this game. But it not work for me also.

  • Elizabeth Leong

    hi LG I managed to play Twilight Phenomena: STrange menageria and Flights of Fancy from another site on my sis win10 laptop, cant play it on win 8.1. U can cancel the requests if u want the zip folder, let me know how to submit the upload and i shall try contribute ?

  • Lona

    Please upload Great Adventures: Xmas Edition and Great Adventures: Lost in Mountains. Many thanks.

  • Simmer Of Life

    The Sims 4 City Living pleasee :*

  • Louse

    Can you please upload Soulset? It’s a visual novel.

  • Elle

    Would it be possible to upload Rose of Winter? it seems so unheard of although it’s been out for a while ):

  • Ann Pierson

    Can you please repost ” Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ” on lively games side. Link for File Factory is expired. Many thanks!

  • Elizabeth Leong

    Judge Dee: The City God Case

  • Elizabeth Leong

    flights is still russian and its “Flights” not “Fights”

  • Elizabeth Leong

    ???thank u LG for Twilight and Flights of fancy

  • Lillie

    Can you find Asdivine Dios?
    *I liked Asdivine hearts, so…

  • _iNSaNiTY_

    Hello there! Um, thank you for uploading most of the games that I was yearning to play for a long time now :3. I would appreciate it if you could upload Norn9 and Persona 5. Thank you so much!

  • Jack3

    I’d appreciate your help in getting Bricks Of Egypt 1 or 2, Lively.

  • reed199

    Witch Hunt – RPG
    YOU… AND WHO ELSE? – RPG Aldorlea

  • Elizabeth Leong

    Fights of Fancy: two Doves (CE)
    Twilight Phenomena: Strange Menagerie (CE)
    try it on other sites and cant run it

  • k

    witch hunt by aldorlea

  • Shar Pei

    Family Feud: Dream Home Thanks


    wordjong game if u can get it and mad caps

  • Phung

    Hi Lively, could you upload Green Moon please? Thank you so much!

  • loli

    I request Princess Maker 2 Steam version

  • WhiteButterfly

    Thank you very much for all the amazing games! I would like to please request a dating game called “Where We Lay Our Scene”.

  • Keiler

    Can you please upload Campfire Legends the hookman and Campfire Legends the babysitter? Thanks in advance!

  • beth

    Bertho, PVZ2 is a mobile game not available on PC, google for the apk and download run on bluestacks if u want “PC” version.

  • Bill

    Can you upload the following game to
    Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring CE
    You have it posted but no links for

    Thank You

    • Lgames


  • CL

    Hi there, thank you for uploading all these games! Can I request Midnight’s Blessings most up to date version? I found the game on your old website, Lively Games. However, there are glitches within the game that’s been fixed but the version you uploaded is not the most up to date so..would you kindly re-upload it? Thank you!

  • YiJun

    Can admin pls upload Campfire Legend the last act? Thanks. Love your website!

  • Beth

    many thanks to lgames u had uploaded 2 fants HOPG, ????????

    Dark Chronciles: The Soul Reaver
    ShadowPlay (CE)

    Check these out!

  • anymous

    please upload Flowers -Le volume sur printemps. Thank you

  • Beth

    Pls upload The Room 3, puzzle game from Fireproof Games

  • Raven

    Would you please upload the second instalment of men of yoshiwara…I hardly find it anywhere

  • http://none Keira

    anicon animal comple otome game….pretty please

  • Bertho

    Lively please added plants vs zombies 2 (on your site only version 1) !

  • Tim

    Would really like Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery episode 1+2

  • Edina

    Hi dear can you please post these two games:

    Supermarket Management and Supermarket Mania®.

    Both games have sequels but I don’t need it just first parts of both games.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Vladmitri

    Hello, here is the list of games that i would like to request please and thanks 🙂
    Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek
    Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood
    Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
    Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan

  • cool_moon

    Pls re-upload link (Rockfile) for the game Teddy Floppy Ear: The Race.


  • Umang

    Can you add links to:

    Heart’s medicine Time to heal
    Fabulous Angela’s Fashion Fever

  • beth

    pls upload

    Mystery Trackers: The Void (CE) (found in other sites but cant play had tech issues in games, BFG got latest patches, hope u can find that copy)

    Mystery Heritage: Sign Of The Spirit (CE) (found in other sites, cant run no error messages seems its corrupted, hope u hv a good copy)

    The Agency Of Anomalies: The Last Performance (CE)

    Shattered Minds: Encore

  • Alice

    Dark Parables, The Swan Queen and Dire Tree

  • dANI

    Pirate Chronicles Collector’s Edition PLEASE UPLOAD IT

  • beth

    What happen here? site owner has not uploaded any new games for few days, whilst I can find new games at other free sites.

    • Lgames

      I had vacation)

  • Cad

    Pls if possible game – holiday solitaire easter

  • witch

    can you reupload weather lord 2 : hidden realm please?

  • Sewnsew

    I was hoping you can put up a game called Ara Fell up. It is an JRPG game that just came out this year. There is a free version but it is an old version. I am talking about the new version that is out on steam. Here is link to it for you:

  • Claire

    Lively please can you reupload Tobe’s Vertical Adventure ?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Alisia

    Hi! Can you please upload High School Dreams: Best friends forever.
    I’ve asked for that other dudes, but they just couldn’t make it. Maybe, you can?

  • Pen

    Hi,can you please upload The Island Castaway 3 for PC win 7. Thanks.

  • harmidis

    Hi can I request Passage 4 for pc please? Thank you so much!!!

  • Tania

    Hello! Can you add Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal?
    Thank you!

  • Louie Matz

    Can You Please Add This Game: “Shadow Lake” Collectors Edition & “Broken Hour” Collectors Edition. Thanks! 🙂 I Hope You Can Do It.

  • Likande

    Hello. May irequest The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya?Thank you for taking time to read this.

  • Izzy

    Hello! I hope you can upload the game OZMAFIA!! that has just been released on Steam recently. Thank you so much in advance! <3

  • Eunice

    Could you please upload Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers remake version?

  • Beth

    Pls upload Time Dreamer: Temporal Betrayal i got this from another site but screen jumping everywhere suspect some objects corrupted. if u managed to get a good copy pls upload. many thanks

  • Lisbeth

    May I request some Eridani games? Namely Leah’s Tale and Edolie (especially Edolie). Thank you.

  • Sandy

    Please upload Hospital Hustle ! Thank you so much <3

  • RC42

    Gyromancer – it’s an old game, but I haven’t been able to locate it other than on Steam

  • blackheart

    Hello,can you reupload leah tale rpg, all link are broken.thank you

  • girl

    i have to request a two games

    1 – Dora’s World Adventure

    2 – Dora’s Ballet Adventures

  • Serenity

    Game Request: Bejeweled 3 Pls ! 😀

  • Leah

    Can you please upload high school dreams: friendship forever? thank you :DD

  • Sarina

    Can I ask for the game OZMAFIA!! ? It’s another otome game. Please and thank you.

  • http://- hgday7

    Hi,can you please upload Tokyo Babel. Thanks

  • beth

    Judge Dee – The City God Case
    I accidentally deleted the copy I downloaded from another site, unfortunately that site did not store this anymore. Pls upload if u can find it

  • beth

    Breath Of Darkness: Dollhaven Mystery
    I managed to get the non CE version, if you have a copy for CE version, pls upload.

  • Garima Banerjee

    I would like to request :That Dragon, Cancer.

  • Silveredly

    Hello there! I just stumbled onto your site but glad I found it regardless! I would like to request a game called Solstice! Here’s the steam link:

  • Anna

    could you pleaase upload Yandere Simulator?

  • Shiny

    Hi there, would it be possible for you to upload Kindred Spirits on the Roof? Thank you for taking time to read this.

  • Michelle

    May I request for Cake Mania games? I also would love to request for Grimm’s Hatchery.

    I really love this wesbsite. I’ve been following and visiting the site since January!

  • grace101

    can you please upload wind child:black?

  • Kasey

    Could you please upload any of the Cooking Academy games

  • http://no%20webby Serenity

    Pretty Please Upload The Scruffs : Return of the Duke

    • Lgames


  • Dragon93

    Hello, I would like to request a game called Echoes of Aetheria. It is a RPG that just came out this week.

  • Sarina

    Can I request
    -Backstage Pass
    -Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers!-
    -The Second Reproduction
    -Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~

    These are mostly otome games, and i realize how hard it for this kinda stuff, to even find english patches! So I really appreciate anything you do! Even if it was just reading this! Thank you thank you for everything you do!

  • Elizabeth Leong

    This is really fantastic. The site’s author have included all of my games by nov last year and I still didnt know about it. He did send me email to say that its in the works but when I checked its not uploaded yet. I didnt realise it will be uploaded so fast. I caught on to this when I log in for new games, and there they are! I requested 5-6 games and they are here now! Many many many many many thanks! Great work!

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