Hermes: Rescue Mission (Updated)

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Hermes: Rescue Mission

Unleash the power of the gods on a quest to defeat the lord of the underworld! Over time, mankind’s faith in the Greek gods faded, allowing Hades to escape the kingdom of the dead and wreak havoc. As the demigod Hermes, you must slip on your winged sandals and lead a team of rescuers across a decimated land in pursuit of your enemy, saving the people you encounter and their homes as you go.


The servants of Hades will be waiting for you around every bend and turn in the road. To secure the help of Zeus, Ares, Artemis and more, you’ll need to restore their demolished altars and make sacrifices in their name. Only then will you be able to use the unique skill each god grants you to defeat satyrs, a three-headed beast and more. You’ll also be granted the ability to heal a poisoned land and restore the lives of the people that populate it.
Each thrilling level will challenge you to remove cleverly placed obstacles and figure out the quickest way to gather and produce the resources you need. The faster you succeed, the more stars and achievements you’ll earn! For casual players who want to enjoy the captivating story, vibrant visuals and addictive gameplay, but have a relaxing experience, an untimed mode is available as well.
The electrifying power of Zeus is within your reach. Will you seize it and claim your rightful place among the legends?

Game System Requirements:
• OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
• CPU: 1.5 GHz
• RAM: 1024 MB
• DirectX: 9.0
• Hard Drive: 1,32 Gb


Hermes: Rescue Mission – новая захватывающая тайм-менеджмент стратегия от novaideas.
Высвободите силу богов, чтобы победить владыку преисподней! Со временем вера человечества в греческих богов ослабла, позволив Аиду вырваться из царства мертвых и посеять разруху и хаос. В роли полубога Гермеса вам предстоит надеть свои крылатые сандалии и повести команду спасателей по опустошенным землям в погоне за своим врагом, по пути помогая жителям и восстанавливая их жилища. На каждом шагу вас будут подстерегать слуги Аида. И чтобы заручиться поддержкой Зевса, Ареса, Артемиды и других богов, вам нужно будет восстанавливать их разрушенные алтари и приносить во их имя жертвы. Только тогда вы сможете использовать умения, которыми наделит вас каждый бог, чтобы победить сатиров, трехглавого зверя и других приспешников Аида.

Version: FINAL;
Developer: Novaideas;
Language: English;
Size: 401,4 Mb

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  • katrin

    The update didn’t help me! Game crashes and all!!

  • Lgames

    Added a new Fixed version. Enjoy!

  • Didi

    Finally I managed to make the game work and pass the level 10. Thank you very much for all the valuable suggestions! Now I hope to be able to get to the end of the game!

  • Didi

    I did not buy anything with the points but at the end of level nine, when the 3 stars appear, no button works anymore ……. neither to continue, nor to repeat the level …… the only way to get out of the game is to close it through the windows task management ……. thanks anyway for the attempt ……. pity, the game is really among my favorites

    • sapphire

      just start afresh with a new profile, do not use the name hermes that automatically appears for the profile, that also leads to game crash

  • sapphire

    just don’t buy anything for olympus from the points collected till the end of the game and the game will not crash

  • Didi

    So: download the game for example from file-upload, download files from, then copy and replace the 2 text files that I find in C: Users * your profile * AppData Roaming Alawar novaideas Hermes_RescueMission. Correct???
    I try again

  • katrin

    game crashes!!! it is impossible to finish the level and the workers are also not visible!! problem with the game ?? windows 10 RAM 3000 2.5 CPU

  • Didi

    I followed the instructions but the game now crashes as soon as I finish level 9 ……….

    • Lgames

      you doing something wrong..

  • Lgames

    Save files for Hermes –

    all levels are finished

    copy and replace 2 text files here (hidden folder!) – C:\Users\*your profile*\AppData\Roaming\AlawarEntertainment\novaideas\Hermes_RescueMission

    • Elizabeth Leong

      i didnt i reinstall the game n works for level 49, i had to try reinstall 3x and didnt work, left it for 1day while waiting for bug fixes. Saw your saved files but i didnt know where to copy to, i just reinstall the game again n copied to the Hermes folder that was created by Hermes installer 😂. Works well was able to complete all levels n build the Olympia?? building?

  • lod

    At level 10, it does not work. It hangs when completing level 10. You have to quit the game by force and you can play level 10 again and then it will hang again

    • angel

      me too 🙁

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