Chase for Adventure 3: The Underworld CE (Updated)

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Chase for Adventure 3: The Underworld CE

Ann and Jim are still on the hunt for Doctor Windsdoe, Ann’s father and the greatest archaeologist of all times. They finally found the Iron Oracle, the magical device that can show them where he is being kept. But the result is shocking: is he really at the inside of the earth? Is that even possible? Join Ann and Jim on their adventurous Time-Management journey to the dangerous Underworld and find Ann’s father!

Collectors Edition Features:

  • 45 exciting levels full of challenging Time-Management tasks;
  • Become part of the greatest archaeological expedition of all times;
  • Return to Ann and Jim and find out what the Underworld is holding for you;
  • Play a massive bonus chapter with a new storyline;
  • Get stunning wallpapers and concept art for your PC;
  • Have a look at the exclusive strategy guide for useful tips.

Game System Requirements:
• OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
• CPU: 1.6 GHz
• RAM: 1024 MB
• DirectX: 9.0 or better
• Hard Drive: 918 Mb


Chase for Adventure 3: The Underworld Collectors Edition – новая часть захіватывающей тайм-менеджмент стратегии от Growing Grass Studio.
Энн и Джим все еще не теряют надежды отыскать доктора Виндсдо, отца Энн и величайшего археолога всех времен. Наконец им удается найти Железного Оракула – магическое устройство, которое может указать его местонахождение. Но ответ шокирует: неужели ли он на самом деле находится внутри Земли? Возможно ли это? Присоединяйтесь к Энн и Джим в их путешествии по опасному подземному миру и отыщите отца Энн!

Особенности Коллекционного издания:

  • 45 захватывающих тайм-менеджмент уровней;
  • Станьте частью величайшей археологической экспедиции всех времен;
  • Вернитесь к Энн и Джим и узнайте, что приготовил для Вас Подземный мир;
  • Массивная бонусная глава с новой основной сюжетной линией;
  • Прекрасные обои и концепта-арт для вашего компьютера;
  • Встроенное прохождение.


Version: FINAL;
Developer: Growing Grass Studio;
Language: English;
Size: 317,2 Mb

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  • Lgames

    New UPDATE! 10/02 – Fixed bug on level 55

    • beth2shy

      What happened to levels CE 11-15? When clicked on they say “bad key”

      • Lgames

        I don’t know. Can you send me save files?

        C:Users*your profile*AppDataRoamingGrowingGrassChaseForAdventure3CE

        • beth2shy

          I’m not able to find that, windows says can’t find that

          • Elizabeth Leong

            Its not in appdata/roaming, its inside the C drive where u installed/unzip it. For me its inside c:mynamemygames
            chase_for_adventure_3_The_underworld. I think it maybe the maindata file, not sure. But i cant even get to CE levels, there are no CE levels visible for me. I played the no timer mode so not sure whether its coz of that. Can pls share how you get to CE levels and whether u play the timed mode?

          • Elizabeth Leong

            nvm, CE 1-10 is level 46-55, but CE 11-15 is nothing except “bad key” when u click on the strategy guide and try to find guide info on these CE levels. So i guess they intend to have like maybe 60 levels but somehow rush the game out b4 tested properly. I hv completed 55 levels which included CE 1-10, its really bit confusing. I love this series and has kept every series in my game folders. If lively gets updated he will post here again, so 🤞

          • beth2shy

            I played on the no-timer and was able to play all except CE 11-15, says bad key

          • Elizabeth Leong

            On the map CE1-10 is labelled by the game as levels 46-55. When I click on strategy guide I realised there are actually CE 1-15. When I click on CE 11-15 (inside the strategy guide) it said bad key too. I click on strategy guide coz I thought it will at least indicate how to get to CE levels. The labeling on the map was confusing. Did you get bad key when click on CE11-15 IN the strategy guide? Coz I cant c any levels beyond level 55 (ce 10), and when I click on the arrow key on the map to get to the “next” page its not available for clicking. So was wondering how you even get to CE 11-15 if not via strategy guide?

          • beth2shy

            I found the saved files and uploaded them

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