Delicious: Emilys Miracle of Life Platinum Edition (Updated v2)

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Delicious: Emilys Miracle of Life PE

Emily is back, with long-awaited news! Join Patrick, Emily and Paige as they experience the Miracle of Life… Enjoy the 15th season of Delicious join your favorite family through the next very exciting chapter in their lives.


GameHouse presents: Delicious, the award-winning game series that combines cooking dishes with a captivating story! In this new chapter of the lives of the O’Malley family, world chef Emily and her husband Patrick are faced with some tough moments when they discover they won’t be able to have any more children. However, just when they’ve accepted the situation and set on a new path for their lives, Emily’s told some truly amazing news: she’s expecting another baby!
Follow Emily as she sets out to experience the most perfect pregnancy! But when you also need to deal with your restaurant, your eccentric family and your new cooking vlog… you’d better plan for the unexpected!

Game Features:

  • RUN YOUR DINERS and serve food in a variety of new locations;
  • BECOME PART OF THE STORY in 60 emotional time management levels and 30 extra challenge levels;
  • WITNESS THE MIRACLE OF LIFE filled with all the ups and downs of such a life-changing experience;
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR NURSERY by collecting diamonds and surprise Emily with the perfect room for her baby;
  • DISCOVER DAILY CHALLENGES every day and keep on playing!;
  • DASH THROUGH 6 wonderful baby related locations, and cook many dazzling dishes in exciting time management levels;
  • BECOME A CHEF, master your skills in wonderful restaurants, and catch the baby fever;
  • ENJOY HIDDEN OBJECT ELEMENTS and see if you can find all mice;
  • BE A PART OF EMILY’S LIFE! Want to join Emily in one of the most important moments of her life? Emily’s Miracle of Life is one of the most amazing story games online!

Game System Requirements:
• OS: Windows XP, 10, 8, 7 & Vista
• CPU: 1.0 GHz
• RAM: 1024 Mb RAM
• DirectX: 9.0
• Hard Drive: 449 Mb.


Delicious: Emilys Miracle of Life Platinum Edition – пятнадцатая часть яркой тайм-менеджмент серии.
“Эмили возвращается с долгожданной новостью! Присоединяйтесь к Патрику, Эмили и Пейдж, чтобы познать чудо жизни…
GameHouse представляет: Delicious, отмеченную наградами серию, сочетающую в себе приготовление блюд и захватывающую историю! В новой главе семью О’Мэлли, шеф-повара Эмили и её мужа Патрика, ожидают непростые времена, когда они узнают о том, что больше не смогут иметь детей. Но только смирившись с ситуацией и выстроив новые планы на жизнь, Эмили узнаёт, что ждёт ребёнка!
Теперь Эмили настроена на то, чтобы пережить идеальную беременность! Однако если вам впридачу к этому нужно разбираться со своим рестораном, эксцентричной семьёй и новым кулинарным видеоблогом…приготовьтесь к неожиданностям!”

Особенности игры:

  • Наслаждайтесь 15-м сезоном Delicious в компании вашей любимой семьи, переживающей очередную захватывающую главу в своей жизни;
  • Управляйте закусочными в 6 разнообразных местах: станьте шеф-поваром и совершенствуйте свои навыки;
  • Станьте частью истории в 60 эмоциональных тайм-менеджмент уровнях и 30 челленджах;
  • Наблюдайте чудо жизни, наполненной взлетами и падениями;
  • Украшайте детскую, коллекционируя алмазы;
  • Открывайте новые испытания каждый день;
  • Наслаждайтесь элементами “я ищу” и проверьте, сможете ли вы отыскать всех мышей;
  • Будь частью жизни Эмили и делись своей любовью с друзьями, отправляя им открытки с каждым новым достижением.


Version: FINAL (Updated v win_184760);
Language: English;
Size: 448,2 Mb.

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    Can you please mail me the links cause these are not working and Sally’s Salon too please <3

  • asmaa

    I have win7 and I still get the assertion failed error☹.

  • Lgames

    New UPDATE! (v. win_184760) Fixed problem with playing in full-screen and other bugs. Enjoy!

    • Semina

      Thank you but I have win7 and I still get the assertion failed error☹. I will wait for another update.

      • Lgames

        Try to delete save files. Here – C:Users*your windows profile*AppDataRoamingGameHouseDeliciousEmilysMiracleOfLife

        Works fine. Tested on w10 x64 and W7 x32.

        • Semina

          I followed the steps, same error:(

          • sana

            I have the same problem

  • sana

    Thanks a lot but the game does not work

    • Lgames

      developers are still working on a final update…

      • sana

        Thank you ^^

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    From developers:
    We released an update on August 10 that will resolve the issue with items and characters not being displayed correctly on some computers. Unfortunately, the update does not resolve the issues with the “assertion failed” error message or the game not opening in full screen mode on some computers. The developers are working hard to resolve all issues and we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

  • Lori

    Any chance the updated version (was available August 10/17) can be made available for download?

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      • Lori

        Thanks very much!

  • kakinung

    Just have problem when begin play level 7 ,how to edit?

  • RockAngel

    It does’t even start . Keeps telling me ERROR !!!

  • R A

    this game keeps crashing for me. Even when I reach level 5 it shows several black squares (when the cut scenes start and that entire floor level goes completely black so I am not able to select any medical supplies to pass the challenge. Even when I play full screen the game crashes as well. I love all the time management games that you have posted and this is the only one that I had major issues with. I would appreciate some time of help thanks.

  • Kakinung

    Begin Level 7 I have a prob though, The game won’t play properly. ( I just want your help )
    Look, when I start the game, it shows several game elements as black squares ( when the cutscene starts ), or it doesn’t show them at all… Plus, it has a problem with playing full-screen. When I check “play on full-screen” the game crashes.
    I just love emily’s games and I’d appreciate it a lot if u helped me. Thanks in advance!

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    thank you , But Now File game so big and sometime play on computer overload

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