Nuclear Ball 2

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Nuclear Ball 2

Nuclear Ball 2 allows you to take part in the most entertaining demolition work ever. You are to blow up each and every inflammable thing you see. Using the ball, you need to demolish tons of combustible materials, such as missiles, bombs, fire-balls and lots of other explosive things. It not that easy, each challenge requires a special approach. Thus, Nuclear Ball 2 is a smashing cocktail consisting of puzzles, fancy 3d graphics and explosive arcade gameplay.

Nuclear Ball 2 Nuclear Ball 2
Nuclear Ball 2 Nuclear Ball 2

The game mechanics makes the best of a good old arcanoid gameplay and expands it by turning each level into a well crafted three-dimensional puzzle. The level consists of various brick types, many of which can’t be destroyed directly. Thus you need to send the ball to certain parts of the construction so that they can trigger an explosion. You can make use of different intricate contrivances placed on levels and collect a great number of power-ups. Throughout 200 hundred absorbing puzzle levels, you will face more and more challenging tasks as the constructions will get more brick types with new properties diversifying the game.
The graphic engine of Nuclear Ball 2 brings out a refined 3d picture with classy special effects and detailed backgrounds. It is also pleasing that the action takes place in different time of day and in different environments, each of which was carefully crafted by a professional artist. In addition to sleek visuals, Nuclear Ball 2 also feasts your ears with impressive sound effects and tunes. The game has got what it takes to make you feel in the middle of some serious action. Nuclear Ball 2 will plunge into the addictive arcade gameplay combined with masterpiece puzzles and delivered in superb graphics. Get ready to blow things up!

Game System Requirements:
• OS: Windows XP or higher
• CPU: 1 GHz
• RAM: 128 MB RAM
• DirectX: 8.0
• Hard Drive: 21,1 Mb.


Nuclear Ball 2 – продолжение полюбившегося арканоида не стало от этого менее интересным. Вам предлагается продолжить путешествие в мире, пережившим ядерную катастрофу. Ловушки стали еще изощреннее, они подстерегают вас на каждом шагу. Необходимо пройти все препятствия, чтобы выбраться из этого враждебного ко всему живому мира. Идея игры по прежнему проста: перемещая ракетку вправо и влево, удерживайте шар на игровом поле, направляя его на препятствия. Собирайте всевозможные бонусы: увеличение ракетки, стреляющий шар, ракетница и многие другие, но помните, что в этом загадочном мире не все бонусы полезны. Отличная графика, сумасшедшая динамика игры, в два раза увеличенное количество уровней – игра Nuclear Ball 2 настоящий подарок как для новичков, так и для фанатов жанра.


Version: Final;
Released: 2007;
Language: English;
Developer: URSE Games;
Size: 12 Mb.

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