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Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collector's Edition

Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collector’s Edition

Author: Lgames / Posted: 31 Jul 2015 / No comments / Collector's Edition. Hidden Objects.

A notorious figure called the “Sea Ripper” has been sinking ships off the coast of the British West Indies, and the Royal Navy has called you in to investigate the case. To make matters more interesting, you may have just boarded the Sea Ripper’s very next target!

Elendia Ceus

Elendia Ceus

Author: Lgames / Posted: 29 Jul 2015 / No comments / Jrpg.

What lies beneath the skies? This is a question nobody in the cloud world of Elendia wants answered – nobody but one man, LaCaster, who lost his wife as she passed to the other side. And because the prophecies say Elendia will collapse if a breach is made through to the other world, you have to stop LaCaster from trying to revive his wife. But he is a general of the Kingdom and you are only a pirate.

Wonder Cards

Wonder Cards

Author: Lgames / Posted: 29 Jul 2015 / No comments / Match 3.

In Wonder Cards you will find several unique types of match 3 playing suitable for any taste! DO YOU LIKE POKER? In Wonder Cards you can collect card combinations in a style of match 3 played in the vein of a real poker match!

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