Detective Sherlock Pug

Detective Sherlock Pug (x64)

Author: Lgames / Posted: 20 Feb 2019 / No comments / Hidden Objects, Views:

The shadow of the evil Skindiver has fallen upon Oddopolis. The city police don’t know what to do. Detective Sherlock Pug has decided to call on superheroes for aid. In this Hidden Objects game you will become a superhero (comic-book detective’s right-hand man) to solve an unusual fantastic case. Find and defeat the evil Skindiver!

Fright Chasers 3: Directors Cut CE

Fright Chasers: Directors Cut Collectors Edition

Author: Lgames / Posted: 16 Feb 2019 / No comments / Collector's Edition, Hidden Objects, Views:

When rumors of an abandoned movie theater and the ghosts that can apparently abduct the living there appear on your blog, you eagerly go to investigate. When you arrive, you quickly find truth to the tales as you encounter specters from the very movies shown in the theater!

Father's Day

Father’s Day

Author: Lgames / Posted: 14 Feb 2019 / No comments / Match 3, Views:

This Holiday journey into the local mountain with my son on Father’s Day turned into failure! I need to save him!

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